Governing Resources

Governing Resources (Alphabetical)

2021 Municipal Tax Filing Information (New!)
Act 51 of 2019
Affidavit of Residency

Advertising Requirements for Borough Code Provisions
Advertising Requirements for Sunshine Law
Bidding Thresholds 2021
Boards, Commissions and Committees
Borough Code
Borough Council Handbook

Borough Rules of Order (Sample)
Civil Service Guidebook
Committees of Council
Conflict of Interest - Abstention
Duties of a Council President and Vice President
Labor Law Posters (Federal)
Labor Law Posters (State)
Liquid Fuels Funds Dos and Donts
Local Government Fact Sheet

Municipal Pension and Fire Relief - Form AG-385

Municipalities Planning Code
NIMS Compliance

Oath of Office (When administered by a notary public)
Oath of Office (When administered by a judge or mayor)
Open Records Request Forms
Payroll Tax Rate Information for 2021 Available (New!)
Resolutions and Ordinances in the Borough Code
Returning Borough Property
Right-to-Know Law Case Index

Searching for Borough Incorporation Data
Statement of Financial Interest (Form)
Sunshine Act
Track Legislation

Sample Resolutions
Appointing an Alternative Member to the Planning Commission
Appointing the Chair of the Vacancy Board
Mayor Accepting Marriage Fees
Voting by Robert's Rules of Order
Voting to Allow Meeting Participation Via Telecommunication Device
Voting to Fill a Vacancy in an Appointed Position
Voting to Fill a Vacancy in Elected Borough Office
Zoning Hearing Board Appointments

How to Articles
Changing Elected Officials and Tax Collector Compensation
Filling a Vacancy
How to Reduce Size of Council (Act 28 of 2020)

How to Sell Borough Owned Real Property
How to Sell Borough Personal Property

Motor Vehicle Procurement Act
What Happens if No Bids Are Received?
What is a Vacancy Board?

PSAB Library Resources
Sample List of RFP's and Policies

Sample Ordinances
Online Ordinance Database