Borough Code

The new 2018 edition of the Borough Code includes all updates through Act 164 of 2018. Click here for a summary of changes.

The Borough Code is available below. You can search these documents by hitting "Ctrl" and "F" on your keyboard and entering a search word.

Click here to download the entire Borough Code in a PDF format.

Click here to access the Borough Code in HTML.

For more information you can also visit the PA Local Government Commission website.

For more information on Borough Code, contact Shelley Houk, PSAB Director of Research, at 800-232-7722, Ext. 1018 or by email at

Purchasing Paper Copies

*Please allow up to four to six weeks for your order.*

If your borough purchased a Borough Code through the Legislative Reference Bureau with a subscription, you will automatically receive your new copy and be invoiced. If you purchased your 2014 Borough Code from the PA State Bookstore, you will need to purchase the new edition through the PA State Bookstore.

The PA State Bookstore has copies of the new Borough Code for sale on its website. Copies are $12 each. Leave your Tax Identification Number in the comment section and they will remove the tax before they process the credit card sale.

Visit and type in Title 8 2018 into the search bar or click here. Questions? Call 717-772-1649 or email