Lititz Borough, Lancaster County

July 12th, 2023

The 2.3 sq. mi. area of Lititz Borough, is nine miles north of the city of Lancaster in Lancaster County, and is home to nearly 9,500 residents. Lititz’s history stars a cast of characters that ranges from families escaping religious persecution to Revolutionary and Civil War heroes; from pretzel-twisting entrepreneurs to the founders of one of the nation’s oldest schools for girls, Linden Hall School for Girls, founded by the Moravians in 1746. The school offers college-preparatory courses such as engineering and equestrian, and empowers the young women to excel in their future adult lives.

Count Nicholas Ludwig Von Zinzendorf was a nobleman born in 1700 in Dresden, Germany. Although he studied law, his dream was to establish a model Christian community based on Moravian tenat. The Moravians are the oldest protestant denomination in the world. He left Germany to come to the new world where religious freedom was allowed. Zinzendorf first visited PA in 1741, met with leaders of the time; such as Benjamin Franklin, and reached agreement for the establishment of a free Moravian movement. This was the beginning of Lititz, which was named after a Bohemian castle near the village of Kunvald, Czech Republic, which is now a twin city of Lititz.

In 1777, during the American Revolution, General Washington ordered 250 wounded and sick soldiers to be quartered in Lititz. The Moravian Brothers’ House, built in 1759, was approved to serve as a hospital.

Founded in 1861, the Julius Sturgis pretzel bakery is the oldest commercial pretzel baker in America, and remains active today. You can even visit and twist your own pretzel! Wilbur Chocolate Company’s mouth-watering Wilbur Buds were first introduced in 1894. The earliest tavern in Lititz was “Zum Anker,” built in 1764 and rebuilt/added onto in 1804, in 1848, and in 1930. The four-story hotel is now known as Lititz Springs Inn and Spa.

Lititz Springs Park is a popular, private park, and is maintained by the churches of Lititz, and owned by the Lititz Moravian Congregation. The annual Fourth of July fireworks in the park are a treasured and memorable event.

In 2013, Lititz was named “the coolest small town in America” by Budget Travel, and, in 2021 Lititz was accredited by Main Street America. With all the history, shops, beautiful architecture, and friendly residents, it’s not hard to see why it earned its title.

“There is something extra special about a place that holds equal space for history and progress. That’s what you will find in Lititz; a town that preserves the pride of the place so many Lititzians hold dear, while also attracting shows, eateries, and hotels with an eye focused squarely on the future.”

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