DCED Annual Statewide Filing Information

November 7th, 2018

This information is provided through the Department of Community and Economic Development. Click here to review detailed information.

All municipalities are required to e-file the 2019 DCED forms:   
  • 2019 Municipal Tax Information Form
  • 2019 Municipality Report of Elected and Appointed Officials
  • 2018 Survey of Financial Condition
  • 2018 Municipal Annual Audit and Financial Report (AFR)
Municipalities must submit the 2019 Municipality Report of Elected and Appointed Officials Form and the 2018 Survey of Financial Condition Form as part of the certification process for receiving the 2019 State Liquid Fuels allotment.  Please note that PennDOT has requested both forms be submitted no later than February 13, 2019 to receive an “on-time” liquid fuels allocation.
The DCED’s Tax Register used by employers for withholding tax purposes relies on the Tax Information Formto maintain accurate data. Please make municipalities aware that any changes in EIT rates and/or Local Services Tax (LST) withholding rates, including collector information must be received in the DCED via the online Tax Information Form by December 1, to ensure that they are included in the Official EIT/LST/PIT Register (Official Register). A signed copy of the ordinance must be included if there are any rate changes. 
Refer to the DCED “State-Wide Annual Mailing Information” sheet for all the DCED forms deadlines.
If you should have additional questions concerning the enclosed forms and filing requirements, contact the Governor’s Center for Local Government Services at 888-223-6837.