Certification Puts Acela Engineering in Forefront

July 13th, 2018

Chris Geary, P.E., has joined an elite few in engineering circles.

Geary, co-owner of Acela Engineering Co. in Allentown, recently became one of only six people in the state to earn a certification as a Professional in Municipal Stormwater Management (CPMSM). This makes Acela one of only four engineering firms in the state and the only one in the Lehigh Valley with this certification.  
Municipalities all over Pennsylvania recently have been getting hit with massive stormwater permitting costs, said Acela co-owner Daniel Witczak, P.E., P.M.P.  The Clean Water Act, for example, requires municipalities to implement programs and practices to control polluted stormwater runoff and construction-site runoff, said Geary.

 “We need to prepare paperwork for each municipality to prove how they’re going to mitigate the pollution,” he said.
The law also requires public outreach and education.

“You’ve got to demonstrate you’re being a responsible municipality looking at reducing pollutants from discharges of stormwater runoff generated from your municipality,” said Geary, adding that the certification provides clients with “peace of mind.” The CPMSM certification demonstrates the engineer’s expertise in compliance while helping municipalities avoid incurring extra costs due lack of familiarity with the law or the intricacies of the permitting process. As a result, Acela’s municipal clients, which include Macungie and Coplay boroughs, have an advantage.

In order to earn the certification, applicants must provide the California firm EnviroCert with documents pertaining to their education, training, accreditations and employment experience, along with four professional references. EnviroCert then reviews that information to determine whether the applicant is qualified to take the required three-hour test.

Acela Engineering, a full-service municipal engineering firm, is celebrating its fourth year. For more information on the company or the benefits of CPMSM certification, contact Witczak at 610-365-4023. Click here to learn more about Acela.